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Chapter 0

The full moon has risen over the kingdom of Granadia. Shops and markets are close for the night while taverns remain open for people to drink, travelers to sleep, and information to spread among thieves and spymasters for a price. But the taverns weren't the only ones busy for the night. Fort Indtra, home to the royal family and stronghold for the people, had an unusual activity. Soldiers stationed on manned checkpoints leading to the city gates and castle were extra vigilant inspecting every carriage for potential threats; castle guards patrol the halls and walls in short but regular intervals ensuring that no intruders can pass them. The people thought that the family has a secret meeting with someone which is a common - but sometimes rare - occurrence among the elites. But the meeting isn't with the nobles, but with the military alliance of Granadia, Helmond, and Vinata; the Big Three.

Beneath the fort complex a single access route leads to the safe room where the representatives, the kings and their advisors, are waiting for the king of Granadia to arrive. The torches and lamps may give adequate light to the room but the chandelier lit the room brightly. The table is filled with documents that they brought to be included in their meeting and in the center is the map of Xastea with figures representing the positions of the alliance forces and the enemies.

"Where is that bastard? He's supposed to be here on time," King Audamar of Helmond paced back and forth around the room impatiently. "Do you think that this meeting is a trap?"

"Relax Auds. That man must be talking to his wife for advice on something that may decide the fate of our countries and this alliance," King Kauri of Vinata kept his friend's temper in check. "Getting advice from someone you trust might bring some insight to what we must do. And besides even if this is a trap, I would know if there is poison in the air or in the wine we drink."

"Sigh..... I know your ability but this is the biggest risk we have ever taken! We've failed in getting an alliance with the beastmen, the demi humans, and some demons that reject their current lord because they wish to remain neutral."

"They weighed the risk of joining us and chose to become neutral because of their fear of discrimination. It is our human nature to sometimes reject what we do not like. It took my countrymen a long time to get along with the beastmen way before I was born, including yours."

"Gagh... I know. And it might take even longer for us to fight against the horde that may be approaching our borders."

"Again, relax. Intelligence reported that the advancing horde is far from where you assume they might be."

"You're right Kar," King Gerard spoke. Audamar jumped off his feet in suprise; the advisors stood at attention to greet the host king. "They are occupying a deserted island far from your borders."

"WHEN DID YOU GET HERE?!" King Audamar still in shock shouted at him.

"Me? When you called me a bastard, krout." He grinned at his friend like it was a prank.

"Easy there Auds, he's just making fun to ease your tension," Audamar tried to close in on Gerard but was stopped by Kauri. "And your highness, you know he doesn't like to be called that."

"Oh I'm sorry, who was the one who kept silent as I entered," Audamar glared at Kauri as he asked Gerard where he has been, attempting to change the subject. Gerard pulled his seat and sat dowm. "I am sorry for delay; was talking to my mistress for advice."

"Oh, and what that may be?"

"It will come at a later time. But for now, let us talk about the bad new first we have." he guestured to everyone to take their seats, anxious on the news they might receive.

"Good evening." General Rafique, King Gerard's military advisor, rose from his seat to hand his report to King Gerard and distribute the copies to each nation seated. "What I have given to you is the report from the joint reconnaisance unit of the Ausdauer Alliance." He observed each of the nations advisors reading the report before handling out to their kings. "As what his majesty had said the enemy is occupying Huuthal, an uninhabited island two hundred thirty-nine forol mrilt east-north-east of Helmond's area of responsibility,"

"How long have they occpied that island?" a member of the assembly asked, gripping his paper tightly.

He breathed in deeply, preparing what may be the worst news he had given. ".... Based on what was given, they were on station for tree months with no other movements after that but-"

"WHAT?!" The room erupted in anger. King Audamar was outraged, slamming the table, and accused Granadia of withholding information to other nations; King Kauri kept his hands crossed in front of him, holding back his anger with understanding. "THREE MONTHS may have given them enough time to breach our borders and make landfall!"

"But this report was given last week!" Rafique countered his argument. "Please understand that the speed of our riders can take months. Though we may have been equipped with long range communication it puts a large strain on the users mana capacity and can be easily intercepted. Your majesty may have forgotten but that is the reason why the LRC's are only used on areas that are secured and have a clear line of sight to the receiver."

"Why you-"

"Enough!" King Kauri silenced everyone. He eyed on Audamar to think thoroughly on what information he was given. He stood up and walked around the room behind the general, looking at portrait of the former ruler of Granadia. "General, I assume you have your reasons to delay this information. But it would be better if you had told us sooner. Understood?"

"Yes sir." General Rafique quietly swallowed his saliva; the rest remained silent as they listened.

"Now, they are too far to reach mainland Helmond and too far to reach theirs. Could they be waiting to gather enough resources to push for the assault?"

"W-We think so." He coughed to hide his nervousness. "Fifteen days after their landing, they started clearing off the land east and south of the island to establish a port for their ships and a landing zone for their flyers. A month later the port became operational and had begun accepting ships carrying engineers, troops, weapons, soldiers, and settlers. No additional information on their landing zones since no flyers have landed since then."

"So they are establishing a colony/garrison, effectively extending their range of operations......," he walked towards the map and imagined the completion of the island and their forces. 'It would take them six months to cross Helmond's seas and three months to make landfall, if they survive the strait of Kalifa...' his eyes widened at the idea he had enjoyed doing. "They are there to observe the weather patterns of the seas of Kalifa."

King Audamar couldn't belive what he had heard. The seas of Kalifa lies within the borders of Helmond one hundred fifty forol mrilt from the mainland and close to the edge of the border. It's strong winds create thirty rok swells with maelstroms every four mrilt. Sailors gave the name Yegafa after a ship that sunk a thousand years ago carrying slaves. All hands were lost and the strait never calmed since then. "But why?"

"It makes sense doesn't it. If I were to get to Helmond in one piece from the other side, I would do the same thing. And," He grapped the pole and made a line, "it is the shortest route from where they are from; the location is perfect to a establish a main supply point for them to expand and it also cuts the travel time and distance by half if they go through the storm. My advice to you, King Audamar, is to have soldiers garrison some islands to act as outpost and some ships to patrol the waters. We will have LRC units to be sent to your capital."

Everyone nodded on his decision followed by King Audamar, giving a long exhale to ease his heart. "Fine... I trust your judgement on this. I guess it's my turn to report."

After three hours of allocating the alliance budget and resources for training and recruitment, construction of ships and weapons, and a few arguments here and there on how it must be handled, it was time for the meeting to come to a close. King Gerard stood up and whole room fell silent once again. As the host nation for the meeting it was his duty to greet them a farewell. But he had another duty to add: to ask for approval.

"As we close this meeting, I am going to ask something to all of you that may seem.... odd."

King Kauri was already standing, turned his head on him. "Odd? What are you going to ask to say that it is odd?"

He felt his cold hands, chilled not by the lack of a heat source but of nervousness. But he had to. He's desperate. They're desperate. Desperate for a miracle. He finally has one.

"Have all of you heard of the legendary battle of the 'summoned'?"


This is my attempt in making a web novel. There may be some similarities to some light novels but I assure you this is different. At the moment I am in a writers block (plus real life issues) in making the next chapter so I decide to post the first chapter, the prologue, here on DeviantArt to read.

Some tips, advice, and criticism will be helpful in making this side project of mine a success.

Thank You for reading =)


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